If you didn’t get the memo… I really, really, really, like to drink coffee, jog for a few hours, and write a few sentences in between.

I am a collegiate runner for Doane University (Cross Country and Track Mid-Distance) and I am majoring in Journalism and English (shout-out to the word nerds out there) and minoring in Political Science and Leadership Studies (these are two separate minors). Therefore, in short, I am a crazy work-a-holic.


I was born in Baton Rouge, LA, but raised by a single-mom in Omaha, Nebraska. I was born with treatcher collins syndrome, a rare syndrome in which only 1 out of every 150,000 people obtain. I also battle trying to fit in while being a part of the bi-racial ethnicity and I have been conformed in having Major Depressive Disorder.


This website is meant to put the world on display through how I see it from the help of my various experience in my 19 years of living. Some stories may make you happy, some sad, but all are told in 100% authenticity.


Thank you for visiting and welcome to my life as I see it best,


Hillary Chaisson